The year is 1954 and a young boy Robbie Keeper is travelling by train to see his father on Father’s Day.  His parents have been estranged for over two years and Robbie is excited in anticipation of seeing his Dad.  During the journey a woman called Gloria Petrovsky boards the train and sits opposite Robbie engaging him in conversation.  At first Robbie in his shyness is reluctant to talk Gloria but slowly he warms to her and they discuss many things including her name, how to play patience and the imaginings of what the best Father’s Day could possibly be.  In the meantime Jack is waiting at the station. Gloria falls asleep, and Robbie finishes drawing his Father’s Day Card with depictions of the scenes that he and Gloria have imagined. Robbie sitting back smiles to himself he is sure that he will have the best day ever. 

Robbie has someone special to see, so how can it be anything but the best day ever. 

Gloria Piotrowski
Mrs Keeper and Robbie