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Information provided by: Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand - Mauri tu, mauri ora

"People take their lives usually as a result of complex factors and there is rarely any one cause. Any kind of death is difficult."

"A suicide death is sudden and really tough to handle. It leaves people with lots of questions that are difficult and often impossible to answer. It can leave people with great frustrations and many "if only" feelings. A death by suicide will have a big impact on close family/whanau and friends, but also others who knew the person less well.'

"Everyone grieves differently"...feeling and expressing your emotions and thoughts is an important part of facing and making sense of your loss"

"After any suicide there are many questions...the sorts of questions people want answered are often painful and upsetting"

Who to talk to after a suicide:

"Make your own list of people you could talk to... Some people like to get information from books... Sometimes people prefer someone they don't know like a counselor or a doctor.' 



Help line: 0800 373 633

Text support: 027 4968 847



In Auckland: 09 5222 999

Outside Auckland: 0800 111 777 


In Wellington: 04 4739 739

Outside Wellington: 0800 726 666

SKYLIGHT - a New Zealand agency supporting children, young people and their families to deal with loss, trauma and grief.

0800 299 100

SPINZ - New Zealand information service providing up to date information and resources on suicide and suicide prevention.

09 300 7035