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Forbidden love. Bitter revenge.
Inspired by true events.


      "West of Eden is visually beautiful with an authentic 1960’s look and stunning NZ country scenery."

"...an outstanding film in all respects, a knotty festering drama full of portentous events unfolding spookily like a NZ bush waterfall." 






Inspired by true events. Forbidden love, bitter revenge. 

1960 in the farming heartland of New Zealand; late summer bakes the hills brown and dirt roads cut through long standing farms to old homesteads. Among vast tracks of inherited wealth, conservatism and honour meet undercurrents of retribution and ambition.

This is a place held together by allegiances, fractured by isolation and hidden desires. Where lineage and respect buy wealth and power. Where secrets remain hidden and prejudice runs deep. 

When there is everything to lose; there is nothing to hold back on and everything to fight for.

A few want power to control. Two need freedom to love.



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Paul Hartigan

I went to see this film last night, with no knowledge of it at all, just a feeling that it could be good, mostly based on the film's poster and my gut intuition (more often right than not). How right I was, an outstanding film in all respects, a knotty festering drama full of portentous events unfolding spookily like a NZ bush waterfall. Gripping and engaging, an excellent script with well developed characters who you cared about or desperately wanted to throttle. I liked the way it was art directed, directed and acted, it didn't suffer the inevitable 'made in New Zealand' syndrome that affects so much New Zealand cinema to the point of disappointing cliche. I also liked the way the period cars were chosen and featured in the film, cars often grate with irrelevant context or are 'too shiny' given the script. Congratulations to all involved.

Ps the music score was excellent, sensitively supporting and integrated into the core of the film. Great title too. Giant and East of Eden are of course, embedded in our conscienceless, but West of Eden is a completely original film - it shines. 



Saw ‘West of Eden’ at the NZ Premiere – WOW. Beautiful looking film, beautiful story, beautifully acted and directed.(Flicks.co.NZ)

Check it out! By J Belle ****(4 out 5 star rating)

West of Eden is visually beautiful with an authentic 1960’s look and stunning NZ country scenery. The plot follows a family torn between loyalty and love and uncovers issues that were potentially scandalous at the time. The casting is superb with some excellent NZ acting talent. (Flicks.co.NZ)


Impressive acting, costumes, music, make-up, sets, cinematography all add to the realism of this film – parochial 1960’s NZ wasn’t all good! (Flicks.co.NZ)

MaryWT ***** (4 out 5 star rating)

Really really happy to see 'West of Eden'. First NZ movie I have seen this year, and man it sets the bar high! A good old fashioned slow burn romance, with some hot guys in the main roles - haven't seen either of them on screen before - but happy I have now! Gotta say - the baddie in the film was NASTY. I just hope he is not that effortlessly evil in real life, and is just a great actor. Quite a few twists and turns in the story, and country folk are definitely keepin' it racy. Loved the look of the film - early 60s - when everyone dressed amazingly - and looked divine and dapper...bring back the hats I say! (Flicks.co.NZ)

Great independent film ******** (8 out of 10 star rating)  Author: theresab-71511 from New Zealand

Not being around in the 1950's in NZ I thought the film was quite an eye opener.

The cast is fairly young so great to see young talent coming through the ranks. Plenty of eye candy for the ladies 😛

I really enjoyed the film, the cinematography was fantastic and it really showcases the NZ country side. (IMDB)

Simone F

Loved the premiere! A great storyline that involves a strong cast. Beautiful cinematography showcasting New Zealand’s stunning scenery.(Flicks.co.NZ)

Great Aotearoa film by Coben ***** (5 out of 5 star rating)

This film is so good. It left the audience stunned at the showing I attended. The characters are great and they entwine through this beautiful love story. Definitely deserves a big audience.(Flicks.co.NZ)

Derek Kimbo

Egah, splendor in the toitois! Looks like a same sex Speights commercial! (Flicks.co.NZ)

What a film! Author: Charlotte ********* (9 out of 10 star rating)
13 March 2017

I was lucky enough to go to the West of Eden Premiere night, and I can honestly say that this film does not disappoint! The cinematography was incredible from start to finish and the costumes were beautiful. I personally was not around in the 60's however, I feel as though the film portrayed the different situations people had to deal with back then very well. The acting its self is a reason you should go and see this film. Every character had a story for you to get trapped in, leaving you emotional and wanting to know how their stories would end from the beginning. Billy, is such an amazing character to watch throughout the film and you can't help but fall in love with him as the film progresses. His story is a very raw and emotional one and the actor who plays Billy, definitely does him justice. This is a very proud moment for NZ independent films.(IMDB)

C. jones

A beautiful film I loved the costumes and characters. Great storyline that keeps you hooked. Alastair Riddell your music is brilliant. (Flicks.co.NZ)

Critic by Shaun Brinstone http://www.critic.co.nz/culture/article/6604/west-of-eden

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west of eden screenings across new zealand

from March 2017

The Vic - Devonport (finished) - PREMIERE  Weds February 22

Rialto - Newmarket (finished) - FILM TALK Thurs March 9

Rialto - Dunedin (finished)

Regent - Pahiatua (finished) 

Picton Cinema - Picton (finished) 

Regent - Hokitika (finished)

NBS Theatre - Westport (finished) 

Hawkins Theatre - Papakura (finished) - FILM TALK Weds April 19

The Gecko - Motueka (finished) 

Waiheke Island Community Cinema - Waiheke Island (finished) 

Berkeley Cinema  - Mission Bay -  (finished) EVENT & FILM TALK Thurs April 27  

Central Cinema - Alexandra (finished) 

Anzac Theatre - Dargaville (finished) - FILM TALK  Thurs June 1

Multiplex Cinemas  - Thames (finished)

Whangamata Cinema - Whangamata (finished) 

Len Lye Cinema - New Plymouth ( finished ) 

The Village Theatre - Takaka (finished) 

Monterey - Howick - (finished)

Lopdell House - Titirangi  (Festival ) FILM TALK  Weds 28th June

Cinema Paradiso - Methven (finished)

Circus Cinema - Martinborough (finished)

Hollywood Cinema - Christchurch (finished)

The Gaiety Theatre -  Napier (finished)